What are regular cannabis seeds and what can I do with it?

The legalization of marijuana in several states has given people a chance to legally grow and dispense medical marijuana. Weed growers have since been researching how best to grow the plant to provide the highest quality yields. To come up with the best yields farmers are breeding different types of seeds to get the best quality seeds that guarantee potent buds. To get the breeding process right, most farmers need to find the right seeds. Regular cannabis seeds are the most commonly used as they are produced when a male weed plant pollinates a female plant. The male pollen is released from ripe pollen sacs and transferred to receptive stigma in female flowers through pollination agents such as wind and insects. The result of this fertilization gives rise to either male or female marijuana plants. Regular seeds are a result of the Cannabis Sativa growing under natural circumstances without any alteration from growers.

These seeds produce 50% male and 50% female offspring. Prior to the development of feminized seeds, regular seeds were the options available for growers. However, with time, people are slowly moving away from using these seeds preferring the feminized seeds because of their viability in weed production. Nevertheless, regular seeds are still important for cannabis breeding.

Benefits of growing regular cannabis seeds

They are less sensitive to stress. When you get rid of the male plants after pollination, the remaining female plants become highly resistant to stress. These plants can withstand changes in the environment without changing their growth. They provide the best practice run for a beginner as they can cope with some of the mistakes of the grower.

They are an ideal choice for a mother plant and cloning. Most growers prefer regular seeds to provide them with the best results when it comes to cloning. They give you a chance to experiment and learn more about the differences in the sexes of the plant and even the best choices from which you can grow the best strains.

Genetic lineage from regular seeds

Regular seeds produce a genetically intact phenotype that you can keep on your weed farm. Every single from a regular seed expresses different characteristics for example resistance to pests, THC/CBD ratio, aroma, growth pattern, leaf and stem development, and terpene profile. As a weed farmer, you are left to choose which plants you want to retain for their specific features when cloning.

You can combine the best strains to get the best hybrids. Regular seeds give you a chance to grow your plants especially in regions where the growing of weed is still illegal. However, they also allow you to crossbreed to come up with a superior quality strain. Before researchers developed the feminized seeds, most growers relied on this method of cross-breeding to come up with better seeds. As a farmer, keeping the regular seeds can help you come up with a unique strain.

Most of the regular seeds still carry a trace of the old varieties that produced some of the best quality weed on the market. Most of these old varieties have not been captured in the feminized seeds in circulation. Growing the regular strain could lead to the production of some of the old genetics.

Applications of regular cannabis seeds

They can be used in seed production. If you are keen on producing your seeds for later use or even for retail purposes, then this is the best option for you as a grower. Separate the male plants from the females and collect the pollen to use at a later date. You can then selectively apply the pollen, choosing specific female plants to pollinate. When the pollinated plants begin producing their seeds you can harvest the seeds and store them for future cultivation. You need to categorize the different seeds from the different plants noting their specific traits.

To get the best strain, growers need to be careful when selecting the specific males and females they need to pollinate. As a farmer, you also have to be careful not to pollinate the entire lot. Producing seeds is an entirely experimental thing where you have to be prepared to either get a superior quality or the entire experiment can go sideways.

Outdoor growers have also been planting these seeds to successfully establish wild weeds once again. Over the years several weed growers have resorted to indoor growing in controlled environments to produce the best results. However, some growers are currently planting these seeds in small plots within forests, and on mountainsides. This move aims at allowing cross-pollination and seed setting, hence reintroduction of natural weed into the eco-system. In the fight against the use of weed across the globe, most of the wild-growing weed was destroyed.

Regular seeds produce the best plants when it comes to cloning. Cloned plants from regular weed plants are usually healthy and strong enough to root and grow fast compared to other strains. The cloning process helps farmers come up with a replica of the specific plant you want. If you are looking for the pest-resistant or odor quality of a plant you can replicate it through cloning. Rooting cuttings helps you skip the planting and germination stages giving you quality plants within a short period. As a mother plant, regular weed plants outshine the feminized plants due to their stronger genes, stability, and the reduced chances of producing hermaphrodites. Feminized seeds can only serve you for a single harvest and produce unstable yields when cloned.

For growers looking to invest in phenotype hunting on a large scale, it is advisable to choose regular weed seeds. For this to work, growers have to separate the male from the female just before flowering. However, you may need to incur extra costs when it comes to hydro systems, nutrients, maintenance, and even the growth medium. Growing the plants on large scale gives you access to a wide range of qualities from which you can carefully choose from. In the commercial sale of these flowers, selling them using their dedicated numbers can add value.

Both potential and seasoned weed growers need to research widely on the best uses of regular seeds before dismissing them in an attempt to maximize on the developed feminized seeds. You can use them for finding potent buds with high THC levels through cross-breeding, repopulate the wild with naturally growing weed plants and even engage in the production and sale of seeds to other growers.